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Company ARTEX-NOVA Ltd. offers the following services:

*  guard duty
*  apersonal protection
*  provision of the intervention force SBS to check the alarm
*  specific services according to the customer’s requests such as operation of the gas boilers etc.

Within the guard duty we perform the following actions:

*  Action of fire-alarm service
*  Checking the person entry to the area
*  Checking the vehicle entry – entry legitimacy
*  Giving out the keys – evidence
*  Entry of visitor organization
*  Checking the goods being taken out or bought
*  Entry of the supply companies
*  Personal inspection of the employees to prevent the unauthorized taking out of material
*  Inspection of vehicles - material export legitimacy, inspection of delivery notes
*  Walk round to prevent the object violation
*  Auxiliary jobs: operation of the gas boilers and technological equipment in extra-work time
*  Through the sub-delivery we provide the delivery and installation of the security devices of the camera systems and EPS with the
   consecutive maintenance and revision of the supplied systems. We can also provide cleaning works

Private Security Service (SBS) ARTEX-NOVA Ltd. was established in 1996 as a company, which secures the person and property protection. Our company provides quard duty operation according to the license no. PS 000187 issued by the Regional head office of the police forces in Trenčín on 27 September, 2010, by course of law No. 473/2005 Coll. of Laws. After a few years of its work, SBS ARTEX-NOVA reached high qualitative, technical and personal level.

For the employees of SBS ARTEX-NOVA, “PROFESIONALLY SECURED ACTION” mainly means foresight during planning, consistency and responsibility during performance of the entrusted duty, cultivated and assertive approach to our visitors or participants, flexibility when the situation changes. These attributes are inseparably connected with the general philosophy of our company, which rises from the slogan „safety and satisfaction first of all“. Their strict application forms the positive image of our company. Appearance of our employees is a matter of course and it always complies with the character of work and customer’s requirements. And not only that, but also their excellent physical and mental readiness, criminal integrity and intelligent behavior.

Maximum safety, high quality of performed work and the effort of continuous improvement are the horizons which represent the goal of the young people from SBS ARTEX-NOVA Ltd. The long-term contracts with our customers can just prove it.

In case of your interest, we will send you the necessary records and information about our company.

We are ready to meet your requests and we would like to thank you in advance for your trust in abilities and professionalism of our employees.

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Kmeťova 15
Nové Mesto nad Váhom
915 01

tel:    00 421 0 32 771 9312
      00 421 0 32 771 7246

fax:   00 421 0 32 771 7246
mobil:            0903 943 961

email:     sbs@artex-nova.sk

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